FAQ and Accessibility Information

  • Where will the workshops be located? This year, while the book fair vendors will be located inside of the Oakland Metro (522 2nd Street, Oakland, CA 94607), the workshops will be held at ConneXion (520 3rd Street #109, Oakland, CA 94607). The distance between the Metro and ConneXion is one block (about a 2 minute walk).book-fair-locations
  • Is the space wheelchair accessible (including the bathrooms?): The Metro is wheelchair accessible, except for the stage area. There might be a small number of vendors on the stage. ConneXion is wheelchair accessible as well; there are stairs at the entrance directly across from the Metro (3rd street), but the 4th Street entrance is wheelchair accessible. Bathrooms at both the Metro and ConneXion are wheelchair accessible.
  • Is this a low/no scent event? This is not a low/no scent event. Because both venues are public spaces and since the event is open to anyone, we don’t have much control over making the book fair a low/no scent event. However, we request that out of respect for people with environmental illnesses, that book fair attendees please not wear fragrance or scented products. This includes clothing that has been laundered with fragranced detergent or softening products. We appreciate your efforts to make book fair accessible to those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. More information on being fragrance free here.
  • Is there nearby parking for disabled people to use? The only parking is street parking or lot parking, but it is a very quiet area on the weekends and parking should be fairly easy.
  • Will their be language or ASL interpretation? We unfortunately do not have language or ASL interpretation service available at this time. If you are interested in providing language or ASL interpretation, please contact us at bayareabookfair [at] gmail [dot] com.
  • Will there be childcare or activities for kids? Yes, there will be free childcare available at the book fair, provided by local volunteers. Childcare will be available at ConneXion (520 3rd Street #109, Oakland, CA 94607).