2018 Childcare Information

Hi all! We are excited to be able to help provide childcare at the Anarchist Book Fair again and wanted to share some information about the day! Volunteers will be in the childcare space beginning at 10 am and until 7 pm. (If you don’t think you will be able to pick up your children by 7 pm please make sure to speak with a volunteer ahead of time and ask if they will be available to stay longer! We want to provide as much support to children and their caregivers as possible, but also respect the time commitments that volunteers have made.) We’ll have at least two volunteers per shift and up to four; considering the size of the space we’ve found this is more than adequate to make sure everyone is safe and having a fun time!
If you are a caregiver and want to take a break from the rest of the book fair, please feel free to join us! If you want to leave any children with us we will have some short ‘info’ sheets that we will ask you to fill out before you go. This is primarily so our volunteers have contact info in case of an emergency or need to find you for any other reason. It will also have room for you to provide names and pronouns for yourself and little ones, as well as any information regarding allergies and other needs we should be aware of.
If you are interested in volunteering in the childcare space, awesome! You can contact us bayareabookfair@gmail.com – We are especially asking for people who aren’t already caregivers and most especially cis men to help out with this space, though all are welcome to join. Let’s challenge the normativities of society that place the labor of childcare primarily on femmes and GNC folks and make sure that caregivers and their children are welcome in all our spaces!
We hope everyone has a great time at the book fair and we can’t wait to have fun with the kids!