Accessibility Information for the Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair

Accessibility Information for the Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair

Accessibility Information <—– abled people should read this too.

The Book Fair Committee is committed to improving accessibility at the event each year.

Sensory/Mobility Hour

During the first hour, main bookfloor space entry and capacity will be limited with priority going to comrades and others with mobility and sensory related disabilities. Fragrances and smoking in or adjacent to the building are not welcome at any point in the day and will be especially unwelcome during the first hour.

Wheelchair Access

Workshops are all wheelchair accessible. There is one wheelchair accessible bathroom at the OMNI and 2 wheelchair accessible bathrooms at the East Bay Community Space. Vendors will all be set up in wheelchair accessible spaces. For 2018, we are reducing the number of vendor tables so that there is less congestion and more room for maneuvering.

ASL Interpretation

There will be ASL interpretation of some workshops, but likely not all. If you are d/Deaf and planning to attend, let us know if you have a preferred interpreter and if possible which workshops you are most interested in. We are still working on figuring out how to allocate resources and recognize that it will not be equal access which is unacceptable and which we continue to strive for. Check back for updates.

Next steps and Contact

For 2018 we are hoping to add a shuttle service between the OMNI and EBCS. We are working on bringing extra lighting, clearer signage and path markings, and improving the airflow for better access.

We will do our best to make other accommodations as requested. Please make any accommodation requests for the 2018 event by September 1.

If you have questions, suggestions, ideas or critiques please contact us at:


The Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair is an annual event for people interested and engaged in radical work to connect and learn through book and information tables, workshops, panel discussions, skillshares, films and more! We create an inclusive space to introduce new folks to anarchism, foster productive dialogue between various political traditions and anarchists from different milieus, and create an opportunity to dissect our movements’ strengths, weaknesses, strategies, and tactics.